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I'm in DC right now. I was able to work it out so I could stay down here after I dropped our company's document off to the architect. It's kind of nice after the week from hell I had last week. You know it really reminded me of "hell" weeks we had in college. I serio8usly have not had a worse week...bar none. I guess that's what I get for going on vacation! I racked up 21.5 hours of overtime in just 3 days really. So now I'm in DC for said project to present to the client tomorrow afternoon...wish me luck! This is where the client can decide to accept the documents or reject the documents

Amy came to visit this past weekend! Unfortunately I had to work the 16.5 hour day the day/night before so I was a bit tired. Oh but I forgot the part of what really contributed. I got up at 6am the next morning to run 12 miles. That's right it is marathon training time again! So I got up and ran the first six miles on a completely empty stomach. I do not suggest that as it was the most painful six miles of my life. I don't need to eat a lot but I need a little something to serve as a coating. The second six weren't as bad since I was able to have some gatorade and I ended up chatting with A the rest of the way. Ended up at the barking dog for brunch before heading up to Penn Station to pick up Amy. That night met up with A and her roomie for dinner at an Indian place. Pretty good food but the best part was the ice cream at Emack and Bolios after! I highly recommend this place as it is ten times better than Coldstone:) Met up with the other A from my running group and headed to a bar to chill. However, this is when my brain started to say "go to bed." My eyes just started to shut and I swear A thought I was going to fall over. I bet I looked really drunk.

So drove to DC last night and I was fortunate enough to have Amy as a companion. Made it down in decent time. So here I am in DC...back to NYC tomorrow evening. I tell you you just never know where I'll be these days.....
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