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Bridges Runner

I am hardcore...or stupid?

I am hardcore...or stupid?

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So today I planned for my long run day.  I had seen the weather forecast that it'd be hot but I figured eh I can get it in early and really it won't be bad. Oops.  Let it be known NYC hit a new record today with a high of 99 degrees!  So how much did I run? 14 miles.  I ran at 7am and it was already 83 degrees at 6:45am!  Precautions were kept...I brought a bottle filled with gatorade to hide in the bushes.  It was like being part of a roast today.  Really the only way to describe it...pretty much a repeat of last year's Manhattan half weather but hotter! I ran with A. and had it not been for her I'm not sure I would have done it!  We did it in 3 loops: 5 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles.  The last loop was killer...I was starting to hurt and the heat was getting obscene.  As we got to 75th street on the west side, I was prepping myself for a water stop but naturally there was a huge line there!  I ended up doing the rest of the loop with A. minus the water:(  The last two miles were a mind tester....I really had to push myself to finish it up. After the run, I met the rest of my team by the 84th street bridge and we headed over for the best part of any run...brunch!

So another long training run in the books...at first I thought it wasn't good that it was so hard to run 14 miles...but considering it won't be 99 degrees everyday...not too bad!
  • 14 miles!

    Wow! I didn't realize you and A. ran 14 miles in that heat! That's great. You must have really enjoyed that brunch!

  • excellent

    That's great dedication! put me to shame there ... excellent work!

  • (Anonymous)
    that's crazy. i ran 8, and i thought i was going to die! are you training for nyc?
    • I'm training for the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC on October 30th:)

      It was a helluva run....I still can't believe I did it!
  • awesome

    dang, i'm a 15 yr old boy and my times are mostly worse than yours. I put shorter distances in just for the heck of it.

    100m: 14.66
    200m: 33.17
    400m: 1:15
    800: 2:55
    1 mile: 6:02
    2 mile: 13:14 (not much training)
    5k: 21:15 (super flat/easy course)
    10k: about 50 min
  • error?

    explain how your 5 mile record pace (7:11.4) is faster than your 4 mile record pace (7:12). this is probably either an error or you are ready for a big time 4 mile PR.
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