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Just a whatever...

It's been a while. So I figure an entry can't hurt. Life has been good. Back here in State College and having my life back. Although it is State College, now it just doesn't have that feel. I miss everyone! Living alone is cool but gets lonely....I miss my random roomie Amy:-P Listening to her song right now:) We'll be seeing JEW next month at the Y100 Feztival...yay!

So my week. Started my new job. It seems pretty nice. I get to choose my own hours, wear casual clothes, and the people are laid back. What more could one ask for in a job? I work with one other guy and he's really nice. It should be a fun summer...hopefully learn a bunch of stuff. Probably going to revamp the geovista web site to be a web application which involves coding (EWWWWWW my nemesis). Hopefully I won't hate coding as much by the end of the summer:-D This week involved getting an idea of what I will be doing and some grunt work. Start the 25 hour a week thing next week.

Besides that just some errands....supermarket sweep, argue with best buy, etc. I also started working out at the gym. Yay time to do that and yay to not having to wait an hour to work out for 20 mins! Hoping to see Star Wars and Spiderman this weekend....looks like more rain on the way. Ugh. Tomorrow I shall order my computer parts:-)

That's about it...nothing terribly exciting. Still waiting for people to come visit me:P
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