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The much anticipated club championships!

So I probably should catching some zzzzzzzzzzzz's seeing that I will be catching up with Sempre Libera and AB in just a few short hours to run 9+ miles but I can't sleep.  Anyway, what better time then now to talk about the club championships race that took place this morning.  If you recall, just a couple short months ago I spoke of running a 10K in June.  Remember the difficulties I had?  Well today was a carbon copy of the weather except crank up the humidity a few more percentage points,,,both times it was 75 degrees but instead of a "measly" 76% it was 82% today!  However, this time rather than pain, it was glory.  I think, as Coach Sponge has suggested, I am in much better shape and acclimated to the tough weather conditions.  So bring it on...mwahaha

A little background on the club championships,....it's a smaller race than most NYRR races as only members of teams may compete.  This brings out only the hardcore runners.  I have to say I am very pleased with my performance today.  I ran a solid and consistant race...minus the pain of feeling like absolute crap (aka two months ago).  It was a much more difficult race also due to the fact that this was completely on my own.  I ended up charging up Cat Hill, as the hill on the east side of Central Park is known as, and got much respect from fellow runners.  While many runners faced their demise here, I saw it as a chance to chew off time and get ready to finish strong!  I think a hardy thanks to Coach Sponge is owed for this as his speed workouts on Wednesday nights are definitely playing dividends! (yes I am allowed to advertise for my team here!)

Not to be a running snob, but I can't believe someone would need an ipod to run a 5 mile race!  OK, so I am a running snob. I do like the shades look though...kind of gives off that don't mess with me look!  Don't you think?

Anyway my final chip time was 38:18...not too shabby as my prior PR was 38:41.  My peers seem to refer to me as Miss Metronome/pacemaker...want to know why? Take a look at my mile splits (see course here: Mile 1; 7:41 Mile 2: 7:42 Mile 3: 7:39 Mile 4: 7:54 (hilly) Mile 5: 7:20  Avg: 7:39.    I seem to have consistantly hit that 7:40 plateau but I am not satisfied staying here. Oh no that shall continue to fall...watch out for the TRD women....we are young and we will continue to improve!

My team is a lot smaller than most of the teams out there (good example being the New York Flyers which seem to resemble an army!). However, many of us set PR's today and hey we have a good time! 

So it's going to be a race-centric few weeks:
August 29 Manhattan Half Marathon
September 5   New Haven 20K Road Race
September 16-17 Reach the Beach Relay
September 24 Fifth Avenue Mile Dash
October 30 Marine Corp Marathon

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