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Finally a break...

....in the weather. This week the temperatures have dropped down to normal which has made for a delightful week of training. Sunday was a bit on the warmer side but I showed the type of hardcore athlete I am...or dumb? Sunday AM I met up with Sempre Libera and AB for a training run down to Peanut Butter & Company. (If you've never been there, you're missing out!) It's about a 9 mile run from 90th street around the top of the park, down to 59th street, down the west side highway and finally over to PB&Co. Our legs were still a little sore from Saturday's hard run but it was a solid run. So after getting back from a delightful run and lunch I was prepared to just relax and study for the rest of the day..until I got a phone call to see if I wanted to go cycling. So rather than say no, I ended up cycling in the park with Sara for about 45 mins. It felt good to take the bike out and actually not fall or get cuts on my legs. When you have clips for a bike, you will understand...so stop that snickering on the other end of the computer:) Wednesday night is speed night of course. It's amazing that over the course of 8 months I've gotten to the point that it is just part of my week and if I don't have it...it's like a part of me is missing. It was a pretty light week since a lot of us had run the club championships on Saturday and probably will be running the brutal half..I mean Manhattan 1/2 on Sunday. I'm planning on using this as a training run since I will be running the New Haven 20K the following Monday! Anyway, the worst part of the run on Wednesday was THE BUGS! It was like being a human fly swatter. I don't recommend it. It was terrrrrrrible..you opened your mouth at your own risk>_< So this weekend is pretty busy: Out for a bit tonight, cycling/movie night tomorrow, 1/2 Marathon Sunday morning, BBQ Sunday afternoon for Reach the Beach. Back to counting the minutes till I'm done work...
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