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Never too early

So as we draw to 2 months within marathon #2 I've already started to think about my fitness goals for next year.  This year has brought a new life to me within the running arena, not to mention socially.  Finding The Reservoir Dogs has been such a rewarding thing that words just can't express.  Not only has my running improved exponentially but I've met so many wonderful people.  That being said I know I need not worry about continuing my exercise regimen.  This was the main reason to run marathon #2...to keep fit and perhaps continue the journey towards BQ (Boston Qualify). 

However, this year has been a learning experience that running definitely does not revolve around a marathon.  I've learned that my legs do have some speed in them.  I've learned that becoming speedier is a lot of fun (yeah speed)!  I've learned that while marathons can be fun, it can also lead to a lot of injuries which can be long term, if not lifetime.  I don't think I'm at the point that I need to worry about BQ or else.  Too many years ahead of me.

So next year is going to be the year of speed, triathlon and fitness!  My plan is to learn how to swim this winter (Sempre Libera has offered help) and participate in the Central Park Triathlon on August 13, 2006.  Beyond that my longest race distance would probably be a half marathon which requires training runs no longer than 10 miles.  I want to work on my speed...in just the past year I've gone from an 8:10min/mile for a 10K to 7:40min/mile for a 10K!  It's exciting for me to now sufficiently say that the brunt of my races are sub 8 min/mile pace.  I suspect that this won't go down as dramatic as it has but I bet not having to worry about holding back will change a lot of PRs! We'll see what the future brings but this is what I'm feeling these days.

Here's the current PR list:
1 mile 6:14 (high school)
5K 22:10 (Race for the Cure Philly 2005)
4 miles 30:20 (Nike Race for the Parks April 2005)
5 miles 38:18 (2005 Club Championships)
10K 47:53 (2005 Kidney 10K)
10 miles 1:17:41 (Broad Street Run 2005)
1/2 marathon 1:52:34 (Philly Distance Run 2004)
Marathon 4:06:31 (NYC Marathon 2004)

That being said...tomorrow morning brings the Brutal Half Marathon...I mean Manhattan! Weather forecast: 81 degrees, 70% humidity, possibly rain. Fabulous.
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