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Another week, another race

Seems that way doesn't it? I've been the race guru these past few weeks!  This week takes us up to New Haven, Connecticut for the New Haven 20K Road Race.  As a birthday gift, ironman R had given me a race number and round trip to the race:p  See what we do as runners? Totally cool though!

Anyway, I got back from my weekend at Penn State around 9:45pm last night due to train delays.  Keep in mind 8:32am race in New Haven which is a good hour/hour and a half away!  I was up at 5am in the pitch dark wondering what I was thinking...and out the door at 10 of 6.  I know I do that on a normal basis but on a holiday...hmm. So we head to the car and off to New Haven we go!  It was me, ironman R, AB, W...

So we get there to pick up our numbers.  Naturally the only shirt size left is large or extra large...which is basically either fit 4 of me or 5 of me in a shirt!  A very cool part was they gave away full loaves of bread...how cool is that?  And random at that! LOL!  We wanted to hit the bathroom before the race because 12.4 miles is too long!! So we went from all the time in the world to getting to the start line about 15 seconds before the gun went off...oops!  They actually had a gun which was really cool:)

So my goal for this race...8 min/miles.  I wanted to see if I could do this to tell me if a 1:45:00 half marathon is within my sites.  It's so hard to know with only 1/2 marathons in Central Park...an extremely difficult place to PR in.  AB and I set off together to see if we could do it.  The beginning of the race was the usual congestion but we were able to cut free a bit.  I was t rying to work out the kinks of not enough stretching prior to the race.  I felt pretty good and figured if I got a feel for my mile time at the marker I'd be in good shape.  Oops. We are running and I look down at my watch only to notice it says 11mins or so...hmm I know I'm not the fastest on the block but I do not run 11 minute miles!  Continue to run and notice mile 2 at which point I get my 2 mile time at 16:30...not too bad as it puts me at an 8:15 pace (mile 1 is always slow due to the congestion!).  Missed the mile 3 marker as well which becomes a common theme.  Mile 4 the guy was actually moving the mile marker as I was running up to it?!?!!  What in the world!  This was supposedly a USATF Road Race....championship race! Mile 5 said I ran a 6:20 mile which I knew was not right and mile 6 said around 9:30...????  At that point I realized the mile times were going to mean bubkus.  This really would be a test for the pacemaster!

Around mile 6, AB started to feel a little icky and told me to continue on without her   This was as we were going down the road where the whipping winds were coming from the water! I was pretty pissed about this because seconds meant everything for 8min/miles. She realized I had it going on all cylinders today.  So thus I began the second race.  I just started to pound the pavement and try to feel out 8min/miles since the mile markers were bogus.  The crowds were pretty good for this race especially since it was a holiday and so early in the AM.  I also liked that they had oranges in the middle of the race!

So around mile 10 there was a nice incline which becomes pretty painful at that point and then a GIANT downhill on teh otherside.  That part was the ouch part.  there was a pleasing part around mile 8 as what looked to be the male soccer team out for a jog;0)  Hey, anything to help make it easier! 

My stats:

862 Uptown Girl     New York        NY 25 F2029  48/143 1:41:57 1:40:46 0:51:11   8:13 490

Interestingly enough, I ran a negative split...albeit pretty much did my pacemaster drill.
First 10K: 51:11
Second 10K: 50:46
(that's the gun time not my chip time but its probably very similar. I didn't get good split times since the course miles were so screwed up...so somewhere another 1:13 comes off)

So my actual mile time for my chip was about 8:07...pretty damn close to an 8min mile.  Not to mention last year my fastest official 10K was an 8:07 min/mile! So I think I've set my goal for the marathon: hit below 3:50.

After the race we hit a bit of a snag. Ironman R had left his bag at baggage claim before the race. I was the first to finish with AB shortly following and we headed over to baggage to wait for everyone. AB got her bag and W's. However, ironman R's bag was nowhere to be found! The problem was the guy in charge of making sure everyone took the right bag, didnt even really check!!! Someone had taken his bag so we waited around figuring that someone would realize "hey wait a minute, this isn't my bag." Not to be the case:( Fortunately he didn't leave his keys in there...but the NY Public Library will be looking for him as he left a library book in there and his cell phone!

After we got back AB calls and realizes she forgot to turn in her chip but fortunately that is just a trip to the post office. Later checking the results we also realize W's chip didn't register so she ran the whole race and it didn't register her time!! Yikes.
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