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September is in full swing.  Hard to believe that 7 weeks from today I will be taking part in my second marathon in Washington DC.  So I woke up at 6:45am to run up in Westchester County with some other members of my running group.  Normally it's not a problem because I'm smart and do that little ole' thing called sleeping.  However, there is always an exception.  Last night I met up with W, Cycling S, Swimmer K to head to a lounge/dance club downtown.  So the hours go by and we all have a fantastic time...2am comes and I realize that I have to be up in less than 5 hours!  I head out with Cycling S and run into Sempre Libera along the way (who says this town is big?).  Before heading to the comforts of bed, we did an old college routine and headed to the pizza place...however I did one smart thing and did not eat pizza.  I figured no sleep was bad enough; i did not need to feel "blech" while running the rolling hills of Rockafeller Estate!  I finally rolled into bed around 3:30am...which left me with 3 hours of sleep! YAY!  My theory: a preview for Reach the Beach!

I met up with AB and Coach Sponge at 7:30 to rent the van.  We picked up the west siders and at that point only about 10 mins off schedule.  However, we had to wait for Redhead Runner's and Diablo's friend.  Turns out he didn't have his keys so he couldn't lock up!  Add to it that the Century ride was taking place, it was a giant mess!  We ended up driving around to pick up his keys and delivering it to him....losing probably another 45-1hr.  Finally, we arrive at Rockafeller Estates around 10am.  The amazing part about this place is you can easily forget the close proximity to New York City!  This place is only meant for the hardcore as many world class athletes train here, not to mention many local college and high school cross country teams.  During the run I saw many deer prancing about, turtles chilling on the rocks, daddy long legs!, cows, and a horse and carriage (we think it was rockafellers...not sure who but who else would ride around in a horse and carriage on those estates???).  I ended up running about 11 miles or so which is perfect given that I will run around 17-18 this week at RTB.  I love running on trails as it makes me feel so free...I forget about running and it's almost effortless.  It was such a pleasure to go with the group I went with today...no one complained about hills, running long, etc.  Everyone was just happy to be out there and enjoying a fantastic run!

And yes...I know what today is.  I can't believe it's been 4 years...
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