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Feel the Burn

Yesterday was the Fifth Avenue Mile which is a mile competition from 80th to 60th on well yeah...Fifth Avenue.  It's a pretty intense race as there is no need to pace...pretty much an all out sprint.  Pretty insane.  Back in high school I was a miler on the track team so I trained for this...however these days a mile is just a warmup for the real race;0)  So Sempre Libera and I headed over to the reservoir before the race to get the legs warmed up....just an easy loop around the reservoir at a conversational pace.  I always love what we end up talking about....it's just so random.  I find that running is a great place for conversation...it's weird...I guess you have to be a part of the cult..I mean a runner to understand;0)  Anyway, after we finished up the reservoir lap we headed over to the start of the Fifth Ave Mile and ran into some teammates along the way.  Our heat was at 10:30 so we got there around 10 thinking we'd have plenty of time to stretch and do a few striders before dusting fifth avenue.  However, they didn't close the 79th street bypass as they had said they would and within 5 minutes of getting there people were already lining up at the starting line!  Now, I'm not the fastest girl on the block but I'm certainly not SLOW.  You know it's bad news when there is someone with headphones and long sleeves/pants on for ONE MILE.  I know it's nice to listen to music while running but come on...for one mile? You shouldn't have time for a whole song really and if you are paying attention to the music...you're not running hard enough>_<

So the race...Sempre Libera and I nudge our way into the middle right near the front.  I especially wanted her to be up there because I knew she'd be a tad faster than I am...:-)  We stand there for at least 10 minutes which was not fun because my legs were starting to stiffen again after warming up.  Finally we get through the shannigans of the national anthem and countdown.  Gun goes off.  And we're off.  I think I almost mowed a girl down in the first quarter mile.  She yelled at me I think but it was her own damn fault for starting where she shouldn't be!  I wanted to beat last year's time and I knew the first quarter mile is important to get the jets going!  Sempre Libera passed me and I knew she was destined for a good mile time.  The entire race I trailed the paw on the back and tried to track her down:p  All I recall from the race is feeling like my lungs were going to burn out of me and hearing some of the 'Dogs on the side cheering me on.  I saw the clock at 3/4 mile and it was almost like clockwork,....it was right about what I had last year.  Ridiculous.  So I tried to pull a little more out to finish but not everything...marathon is just way too close to worthy a muscle pull!  I finished in 6:20.15...taking 5 seconds off of last year's time.  Which in the mile is HUGE.  And considering this year the race was right after a rigorous relay the week before and in the hart of marathon training...not bad at all! I am very pleased.  My personal best in high school was 6:14 and that was with constant mile training.  Sempre Libera rocked the race and turned in a blistering 6:09!  YAY! 

Another heart warming story:
One of my team members, whom we shall call Achilles L., guided a member from Achilles (people with all sorts of disabilities and they have guides to help them) through the mile. Two years ago she led the same guy, D., and it took him 45 minutes!  They thought shortly after that he wouldn't make it.  Well, don't you love when medical people are WRONG like that?  This year he did it in 15 minutes and change!  Our whole team screamed like crazy for him and L. said that he was absolutely ecstatic to have that many people cheering for him.  It's just such a heart warming story. I love to hear things like this...it makes you appreciate how hard they work:0)

After the race finished, my lungs were burning like crazy!  But a good burn:)  We stuck around to cheer on the other 'Dogs and of course the pros.  The pros were crazy fast!  The winning woman ran 4:28 and the male was 3:49!  Insanity!

Have I mentioned I LOVE my club lately?

Can't wait for next year's race!  6:14 is going to be history.
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