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Adventures of 2 state running

So today I did my long run with A. for the week.  She wanted to do 18 and I was looking to go towards 14 as the high.  Rather than the boring Central Park loop (I heart CP but after this many times running around the loop over the year I need change!) we disembarked on a new journey.  We were heading waaaaaaaay uptown to the George Washington Bridge!  Let's hear it for 2 state running;0)  I had never done that before so it's another thing to cross off the list of things to do in NYC.  Click here for a google map of my route  As you can see, I ended up with more than 14 and actually 16 may be on the low end but you will see..

So I meet A. and we start our run.  We decided to cut through Central Park to the west side to Riverside Park and head up to the GWB.  We met K. at 110th and Riverside since she lives up that way and didnt want to run super long.  The run went well but we had a few adventures.  If you notice on the map a weird box shape up by GWB, well that's correct.  We kept trying to find the entrance to the pedestrian path and could not find it!  The weirdest part was I felt like we found every up hill..and no down hill? (Coach sponge would like that!).  In addition, I think we found every creepy tunnel to go through of which I refer to as being a part of Law and Order.  You know...the scene at the beginning where there are people doing what they do and discover a body.  Thankfully no L&O episode today for us:p  So we finally get to the bridge and it was worth it! The view of the city from midway is incredible.  The skyline is breathtaking and something you just never get sick of!  When we got to the sign saying "Welcome to New Jersey", that's when I did the one foot in NJ and one in NY.  Once we got over the bridge we jogged over to a shady motel that happened to have a vending machine with gatorade....I'm thinking they do that for people like us:p

We dropped K off at 157th so she could subway it back and I continued with A. the rest of the way.  It was pretty uneventful until 99th street at Riverside park.  The klutz in me showed once again.  I was trying to go fast up the stairs and naturally managed to trip and skin my knee!  Not fun after running 14 miles or so:(  As you can see, I did a number.  Fortunately just a beauty blemish and not a serious injury!  There are more important things people...like 35 days until the Marine Corp Marathon!
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