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I am....

...an achiever? overachiever? No, I don't mean this in a bad way. I'm proud to be an overachiever...or perhaps an achiever. I've worked to get where I am. I've thought about a way to categorize it and I fit nicely here.

I don't know what spurred this on but I think as I was walking back to work from a site survey today it dawned on me. It dawned on me on how far I've come in just a few short years. Most of my loyal readers out there have known me for a very short duration...so let me share the ways that I've progressed down the road.

So lets go back...crank up the 80s music and scary stuff like that;)

All through school, I took pride in using my smarts to move along. I never much cared for the latest fashion, nor being the "cool" one on the block. The one time I tried to fit into that, it was a giant disaster. I aced my tests and studied...never was the one that could walk into a test "cold" and do well. If I did that, well...forget it. One need not look further than my ever impressive 49 I got on a calculus test...to which I was able to retake and scored an 87:)

Oh I had my doubters. Back in junior high, I had an algebra teacher that did everything in her power to hold me back...because I wasn't "elite" enough. So what did I do? Worked harder and she had no choice.

Then there are sports. Again, I never was the "natural" talent. I still don't have that raw natural talent, never will. I was always the one to depend on to give that extra 10%...I'd skin my knee on the floor to save the ball from going out of bounds (this time I did it for something...not falling on the pavement for no reason:p). I'd be out shooting hoops the extra few minutes or these days add extra workouts to try to just get a little faster. I enjoy that added challenge...it gives me extra goals to shoot for.

Before entering college, my own mother doubted whether I could make it at such a big university. However, she knew my heart was set on this university and I was going. Guess I enjoyed it...no?

I worked for a computer support with a 70/4 ratio of guy/girl. My boss was sexist and was doing everything he could to shoot me down. He even started me as doing payroll. 3 years later, I was still there and one of the most respected employees.

I was that kid. I was the one that everyone would say oh she can't do that. It was almost my ammunition to say "damnit, yes I can."

Look at me now...I'm an engineer (haha to my math teacher!), I run marathons and just run in general, I live in New York City, I have some of the greatest friends one could ask for. I'm not afraid to be who I am. I'm not afraid of the future. I bet if you went back and asked anyone...and I mean anyone...before college if they thought I'd be where I am...you'd find my doubters. Too bad...for I am an achiever. You give me something to strive for...I will get there.
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