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For the Love of the Game

Well here is October. The end of another baseball season is upon us which means another round of Yankees/Red Sox. GO SOX! I'll be hitting the bar tonight with my Red Sox visor for the game before heading over to Humanity Plaza...err Rockafeller Center to use some hammers and build houses (hopefully not putting a nail through my finger or something). Alas October also means marathon season is here. Today marks 30 days to go. Just 30 days until another round of torture...I mean fun. After the burn I felt running the mile, I actually appreciate my long distance runs all the more:)

This weekend I head out of my city confines to the parents area. I'll be running the first of (2) 20 mile runs...this time in the parents area...and the next one here in the lovely confines of NYC. Best of luck goes out to Sempre Libera and AB in the 1/2 marathon this weekend in Central Park. I find it funny that everyone loves this race and talks about the Manhattan 1/2 like it's the worst...irony is it is the same exact course!

Other stuff..the MTA is again showing how inept and unrealistic they are. Should I be surprised? Nah not really. They now expect to enforce a host of rules. Rumor has it that they will enforce no one going between trains by actually locking the doors. This would be incredibly stupid...what happens if there is a real emergency? Do you have to wait till the next stop? Another one is Bloomberg wants to have the NYPD take charge in the event of a mass emergency including the MTA. The MTA now says no to that saying they want to do their job. That's all grand and good but I know I'd feel a helluva lot safer having the best police force in the world in charge rather than a bunch of employees that will probably make a run for it were something to happen. How about you?
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