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1000 and counting...

So today I went over 1000 miles for the year.  Woohoo!  So how far is that?  I could do a one way trip to Orlando with my legs.  OK, that's not very practical. I'll stick to the airplane:)  Anyway, my 21 mile run today put me over the 1000 mile barrier and I currently stand at 1009 miles.  Since I was running with my dad, he wanted to stick to ~9 minute pace which felt slow.  This was the type of run I needed to make me feel "yeah I'm ready to run a marathon in 4 weeks."  Guess what? Mission accomplished.

The weather was around 50 degrees at the start which is ideal (that's a cue mother nature).  We started around a 8:45 pace since one of my dad's friends was only doing about 7 miles as opposed to 21.  She kept the pace a bit quicker which was fine but once she left we slowed a tad to 9 for the middle portion of the run.  With about 7 miles left, my dad picked up the pace a bit at which point I did too.  I would say it was closer to 8:30 pace which felt real good.  It was a very encouraging run for me because I still feel like I have no idea how fast I can be.  It's always been one thing or another on why but I'm looking forward to running a race and meaning it! 4 weeks from today...I will:)  I think I can run a 3:45-3:50 marathon judging by what I did today...but the thing about a marathon is you just don't know until you hit that particular day.

Oh and mega-congrats to AB and Sempre Libera for rocking the half marathon today!  AB ran a blistering 1:43:59...smashing her previous PR.  Sempre Libera smashed her first 1/2 marathon outing with a 1:48! Looks like I have a race distance to work on a PR for next year;0)  As I talked to Sempre Libera, I realized I have not actually full out raced a 1/2 marathon this year (with the exception of the 20k which I kept to 8 minutes)....due to the marathon.  So Sempre Libera, no worries...I have my eyes set on the Brooklyn Half next year (as long as NYRR doesn't get rid of the 1/2 marathon series).

So what's left until the marathon?
Next Sunday: Rockafeller Estates for a 10-12 mile run
Sunday Oct 16: Bridges run...20 miles total which I may just stick to the 16...not sure I really need the extra mileage
Oct 22/23: 6-8 mile run
Oct 30: 26.2!

Oh and L'shanah Tovah! (Happy New Year)
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