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Clearing out the Cobwebs

Nothing like waking up at 7:44am and realizing you're supposed to be at work at 8:30AM!! Or not. That's what happened this morning. I mean I know that Wednesday mornings are my "sleep in" days but that doesn't mean wake up at 7:44! I had a case of the "evil arm" this morning....kenkomachi knows what I am talking about;) It's a condition where you shut off the alarm clock with intentions of waking up only to wake up way later then intended target. Oops. I must have checked 3 clocks to make sure I was not halleucinating. I was in such a mad dash I think I left my computer on. However, my mad skills paid off this morning as I had my clothes laid out the night before and bag packed for running after work. Hopefully I don't smell too...bad? ;) Made for a little more excitement...and that it was this morning in my little apartment. And I think I set a new record for getting from my apartment to work...left at 8:04am...arrive in building at 8:27am. It was kind of like a pre-speed workout.

Oh and I may have a vacation planned for next August. Hey it's never too early to plan:) I'm hoping to orchestrate a team for Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon! Hey what better way to have my first real visit to the left coast but to run a 200 mile relay race?

Oh and 25 days...yeah the countdown is so on.
Tags: running, work

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