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Swimming...swimming in a swimming pool....

Anyone else remember the little song from camp? Anyway, the whole reasoning for that whole to do is I must have gotten a sign from going to the gym this morning. As I got back to the locker room to get ready for the wonderful day ahead of me, there laying on the bench was an orange flyer saying "Adult swim lessons." As if a notification from above, saying "hey you, enough procrastinating!". So yeah, turns out that another girl that I have gotten to know at the gym (you start to know everyone that comes in the AM...we're all equally nuts) wants to do the whole learn to swim thing too...so come the new year I think we're going to take one of those classes. Hopefully they don't allow video cameras at all because I have a feeling my swimming technique could be part of "America's Most Funny Videos." ha!

Other news: They are opening a temporary skating rink in Bryant Park over the winter!!! And best of all it is free to use (got to rent skates of course!). Hopefully Sempre Libera and I can get our act together and actually do this...unlike our failed learning to stop on rollerblades. They really need more hours to a day, no? I do like ice skating though...time for one of those secrets to come out...I actually did ice skate when I was little..A LOT! I did recitals and the whole to do. I would go to the rink before school and the works. I guess once I realized I was not going to be a Michelle Kwan or Nancy Kerrigan (thank goodness:p) that was that.

I had my last Wednesday night speed session for a while. It makes me sad. What will I do on Wednesday nights now??? Gives me something to look forward to in 2006 though....I ended on a good note with a 6:21 pace for the last 1K including going up Cat Hill. Running sub 7's is fun.

Nothing to say about the baseball playoffs other than it would be rather funny if both the Sox and Yanks bow out in the first round. How mad is FOX going to be????

This weekend is stacking up to be busy. Sempre Libera's birthday bash tomorrow night in the Lower East Side, running around the city on Saturday to see open houses, PSU/Ohio State on Sat Night (We're back!! ROAR LIONS ROAR!), Rockafeller Estates Sunday, mom visit??. Somewhere in there I'm studying...um yeah.

24 days.
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