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On the alert

So I met W. at the gym in the early AM so I could get my weights/calistetics in...no cardio since my legs had a workout just a few short hours earlier. I felt kind of obligated since W. wanted to get into an AM routine and she asked if she could tag along with me. I normally just workout on my own in the morning if I'm not running outside...I've gotten beyond the point of needing a crutch for everything. It's just part of my day. Period. Anyway, W. showed up around 6:40. So that was that.

After work I decided to get another run in since the weather this weekend is going to be crappy:( I joined TRD for our weekly "recovery" run. It was a decent turnout and a good way to pound out 8 more miles (including running to the park and then over to the west side). About 8 or 9 people showed up and we ran around 9 minute pace once the dogs slowed down from a first mile that was under 8:30. I ran with Coach Sponge back to the NYRR club to pick up my dodgeball shirt and headed west with him across the park adding another mile or so:p

From there, it was dodgeball time! We ended up winning 3 of 4 games and I got my final round of fitness for the day. Most importantly, I stretched and stayed injury free:)

So I'm heading back to the East Side to head home when I call to check in with Sempre Libera and company at the NY Harriers First Thursday event. I wanted to at least stop by and say hello...wish Sempre Libera a happy birthday and see some friends I hadn't seen in a while. I had no intentions of staying since I was in clothes that had gone through an 8 mile run and dodge ball! Ewww...I think I can still smell them from here:p I had a beer and caught up with the crew. Sempre Libera, suffice to say, had a good first go through of her birthday weekend which continues tonight downtown. So yeah my "stopping by" turned into getting into bed around 1am! Yikes!

Other news: By now, if you're not under a rock, you've heard about the threat to the NYC subway system. I am really glad that they made this information public as to allow 4.5 million eyes and ears to be on the look out. We're all in this together and you can't be too careful. 9/11 should have taught us that you should never take something as irrelevant. However, leave it to our wonderful Dept of Homeland Security, to say it's not credible. My thing is WHO CARES ON THE DEGREE OF CREDIBILITY! If it seems the least bit credible, don't you think it's better to be on the more cautious side? Well that is unless you want to play the politics game which it seems the federal government enjoys playing. I hate to say this but if something happened and the public was not warned by the local govt, we'd have another Katrina finger pointing extravaganza. Maybe this isn't true, but it sure appears that way judging by the way every other faction is saying there was enough information to warrant an alert. Ahh..another day in New York City.
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