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Weekend Roundup

Another weekend in the books. What a fabulous weekend it was too! As mentioned prior, Sempre Libera held her birthday bash on Friday night. Oh yes it lived up to its billing of being a top notch birthday extravaganza. Sempre Libera lived up to her billing as birthday girl;) Much fun was had down at a bar called People Lounge down on the Lower East side. I even was introduced to a Peanut Butter & Jelly shot...now if that's not dangerous, I don't know what is! Ended up heading to a pizza place before calling it a night. I think its suffice to say all had a fabulous time as I did not arrive to the lovely confines of my apartment until 4:30am. Oh yes, it's fun to be 25.

Saturday ended up being a "recovery" day. I had my first sleep in day in I have no idea how long! And I thank goodness I didn't have a 20 miler scheduled this weekend. Apparently it's monsoon season in the northeast section of the US. Looking at the forecast, it's rain the entire week. Yuck. I'm hoping it gets it out of its system so that October 30th is around 50 degrees and overcast in Washington DC...yeah you know...that little marathon I'm participating in:p Anyway, Saturday was a lost cause. I ended up staying in my PJ's until around 3pm in the afternoon at which point the decision was made that I probably should get moving:)

Big news from Saturday night: Penn State football is back!! They defeated the #6 Ohio State Buckeyes 17-10 out in Happy Valley! So now we're #8!!! Woohoo!! GO STATE!!! Next up: Michigan.

Headed to Rockafeller Estates on Sunday morning with Coach Sponge, DC, Sempre Libera and her sister. Got a good 11 mile or so run in. Definitely a worthwhile trip as we discovered some new trails and of course got lost in the process:) Eh, what fun is it if you always know where you are going:)

I need a Yankees loss tonight...otherwise I owe W. two PB&J shots the next time we go out. Come on Angels! You can deeeew it.

Started reading a book this weekend called Fast Food Nation. Apparently after reading this, you will never want to go near fast food again:p It's pretty interesting so far....we'll see how it goes:)

What is the deal with it feeling like they turn on the air conditioning in the building when it's getting COLD outside?? I thought I'm working for an engineering office...and that would mean we'd know how to cool/heat the building:p

Finally, what's up with natural disasters this year? Now a huge earthquake hits Pakistan killing over 30,000 people over the weekend. Pretty scary stuff.
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