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Bridges Runner

From one year to another...

From one year to another...

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So I was curious to compare my running mileage from last year to this year...so being the nerd that I am I have bar graphs to display my monthly mileage over a span of 6 months (April-October 2004& 2005 with obviously October 2005 still going). The blue represents last year's training for the NYCM and orange represents 2005 training. I kind of thought I had run more last year during training and sure enough take a look...it is. That's pretty spooky that June has the same mileage...well I ran a tenth of a mile more this year:p See, they don't call me the pacemaster for nothing...I'm also the mileage master. I'll probably be around 130-140 this month after the marathon which is not bad at all.
Now the graphs:

Now a 3 month weekly comparison...

2004 (August-November):

2005 (July-October):
  • I'm a geek who loves to review my running log too...but I don't generate the pretty graphs you've shared. What program are you using?
    • I'm using nikerunning.com and I used photoshop to crop the graphics. Unfortunately they don't have a tool to export the information which kind of stinks:( But it does allow me to track mileage on my shoes and monthly/weekly/yearly totals.
      • awww...no export? Still, it does make me curious to take a look at it. I've been using CoolRunning to track things but it doesn't have as many nice graphing options. Thanks!
        • No export as of now. I do like it though...I like the feature of tracking mileage on shoes as well. The graphs are cool too to compare mileage...it also allows you to create a marathon training plan (haven't used this however).
  • You are to running what John Nash is to running =-P. Just kidding.
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