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Who'll stop the rain?

Apparently it truly is monsoon season in NYC. It started raining last week and it has not stopped! I'm hoping the sun hasn't drowned>_< This week I've felt extremely sluggish and sleep deprived. Part of that is probably from the fact that I was out every night from Thursday-Tuesday...which is fine when you're not working. But when you're a workaholic/work-out-aholic...not good! It's not easy being a socialite;)

So Monday I went to Blondie's with W. to watch the Yankees lose! I told you it'd happen. That means I owe her a PB&J shot and she owes me one. We ended up making friends with some guys there and got free drinks for the night...definitely no other interest there! They had a good time making fun of me for dissing the Yanks but in the end...well look at the scoreboard.

As for the running department, I've been keeping myself in shape for the big day just a mere 16 days away! I was able to catch a run with Sempre Libera on Tuesday night before more rain came. I was able to get a good 5 mile jaunt in the park. Wednesday I was full intention on doing the workout with my team. However, once I saw the weather conditions I figured that is the time to utilize the money I spend for the gym. I ended up meeting up with AB and doing a good hour at the gym Wednesday evening before starting the fast.

Yeah Yom Kippur definitely throws a curve ball. It definitely is difficult to fast for 24 hours when you're training like a crazy woman. There was no way I could yield two days off at this point though. Thursday was spent at home fasting...yeah. It's not so bad until you hit the last few hours and then you hit the wall. What makes this difficult is the fact that you can't drink or eat! It definitely is a time of reflection for me, however. Since I spent this Yom Kippur up here and not with family, it gave me extra time to reflect. So sundown was 6:18 and I had "snack" so I could catch up with the group for a run. While I was out running, Sempre Libera came over to attend to the cooking for the "break the fast" meal later that evening. OK, so technically I was done but this was the official one:p Pretty funny to come back from the run and have her poke her head out with "Hi honey!". LOL. My friends crack me up. So my friends came over to break the fast and we feasted on Lemon Chicken, couscous, corn muffins and cookies:) Not your normal stuff but it was fun.

So tonight I'll be heading to the Union Square area to hang out with someone;) Other than that running is on the plate....group run tomorrow and my last 16-18 miler on Sunday (hopefully doing the bridges run!!).
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