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Two weeks.

Today marked the conclusion of another hard 3 months of training for my second marathon! Yes, I know there are still two weeks till the big day but today marked the last long run...yay!!  I'm injury free and feel great! I'm absolutely in better shape than last year. 

So the run I did was pretty cool.  It was the bridges run...see my route here.  We ran over the following bridges: Triboro, footbridge over to the east river path, 59th Street Bridge, Pulaski Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge.  Definitely more thrilling than a half marathon on Staten Island in my mind;-)  We had a group of 6 most of the way but KP had to leave early.  It also was quite the accident prone run.  KP took a nasty spill near the 59th Street Bridge.  It looked like she had done a face plant into the sidewalk but thankfully she was OK and able to move on (no faceplant!).  RC ran into a branch and I nearly did my fall and scrape the right knee thing once again.  All in all a successful run.  I got what I wanted...a long slow run and an awesome tour of the best city in the world!  No run is complete without food....we ate down in Chinatown (I've decided I don't really care if I eat Chinese food anytime soon) and then headed back uptown to the best damn ice cream place, Emack&Bolios!

So what's left? Just a few runs...my usual week day runs this week (Tues morning with Sempre Libera and maybe AB, Wed evening (team workout but I'll run with AB to do our own thing), Thursday group run with my team, Sat group run/brunch:), Sunday 8-10 miles.  Next week will involve sitting around, eating a lot of food and being a lazy blob.  What's it like to be lazy???
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