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Bridges Runner

In the middle of the night...

In the middle of the night...

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I ran at 5:45am this morning with AB since A) Sempre Libera chose sleep over 6:15 run (wow she's not as psychotic as the rest of us...well at least today) and B) AB could only make the run at 5:45am. We ran entirely in darkness..damn it's depressing:/ Overall got 5 miles in and passed an enormous amount of morons in the park...morons in the sense of wearing all DARK clothing and ipods. Yeah brilliant.

Oye vey...my body is tired today already.

Today was brought to you by the number 12.
  • I've enjoyed morning running but this sucks...you get no reward. Ah well...makes us stronger I suppose:)
    • Well...I'll be running in the dark tonight. No rewarding sunrise for me but that's because I couldn't motivate myself to wake up and run this morning. Dunno if I feel any stronger for running in the dark but at least race day will see sun (hopefully).
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