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Slow down

And so it is….10 days. 10 days until I put my body to the ultimate test once again. 10 days until a sub 4 hour marathon. Holy smokes folks…..tomorrow brings single digits. 10 days until the past 365 (or is it 358) days of running/biking/meandering is put to the test. That’s all…..10 days. Man those 10 days are going to be eternity...and I pity the fools that mess with me when I'm in complete taper mode next week...

So last night I couldn’t resist not showing up to a team workout. I’m telling you it’s a drug…I’m addicted. Unfortunately, with this little 26.2 mile journey ahead I couldn’t run all out. Something about saving legs for that. So I became the leader of the pack for my group…I set out and said we’d do 8 minute miles. Bet you can guess how I did. We did ¾ mile and ½ mile pickups...no pickup was over/under 5 seconds of 8 minute mile pace with the last pickup right on the button. Yeah man. And you know what the most exciting news out of this all was? It was EASY! Yes, running this pace for these pickups were pretty easy for me…I was not even breathing heavy at any point.

So yeah, Sempre Libera, watch out…..I’m a-coming! I’m graduating soon to your group in speed...and I hear you should watch out for these elbows…they’re in practice for the 2051 mile dash on 5th Avenue!

Oh and I mailed away the registration for Hood to Coast 2006…..no time like now than to plan for next August....
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