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7...ohhhhh yeah

That's right audience...just seven days left.  Actually less than that, not that I'm counting or anything...nah.  Today also marks an anniversary...12 years since my Bat Mitzvah...and also 12 years since *(&(*& Joe Carter beat the Phillies and Mitch Williams (WHY? Fregosi...WHY??) in game 6 of the World Series to win it...not that I'm bitter or anything. That was the beginning of realizing being a Philly fan meant heartbreak.

So this weekend was fantastic.  Why?  Because I had ZERO plans.  Zip. Nada. Nothing.  I think this is the first time since...umm...uh...pre-summer?  Honestly I couldn't have been happier...my body was crying for the rest. Friday night I met up with W. for dinner at Beyoglu,  a restaurant on the UES.  I kid you not when I say we were the youngest two people in the restaurant by far.  Pretty good food so I can't be that disappointed...not to mention I'm not looking that hard for someone right now;0)   The rest of the night...well there wasn't much...I crashed hard and fast...to the tune of asleep by 10:30pm.  Get me my cane now...oi vey.

Saturday meant my last group run with TRD for a few weeks;_;  I ended up running with Hallie since the rest of the group was off to the races...which left us to run our "slow poke" 8:45-9min pace:p  The weather was pretty crappy....as it started to pour midway through our loop of Central Park. My least favorite weather....chilly and rain.  This meant the first wave of my hands turning white of the season, otherwise known as Raynaud's disease.  Ended up at Fetch for brunch (because my team only eats at restaurants with references to dogs...no not really)and that was my excitement for the day...as the rest of the day consisted of making a running trance mix with Mixmeister, watching Penn State absolutely destroy Illinois, and making honey mustard chicken with honey mustard pretzel crumbs:)  Well that and cutting my finger...but that's not necessarily a good thing.

Today was my last excursion with a long run.  You see I think I figured out my role...I'm the run to food coordinator...and today's run brought us to Grilled Cheese NYC. Who needs to run the last 10 miles of the NYC Marathon when you can run to food:0)  The weather was fabulous today...all those silly people that say "its too cold"...good stay home.  That means more park and space for me!  Have I mentioned I am a running snob lately?  Anyway Sempre Libera (Miss I'm not doing anymore long runs this season) and AB joined me...while Coach Sponge and V. met us down at Grilled Cheese NYC.  I enjoyed it thoroughly as I had a Grilled Cheese sandwich (no sh*t sherlock) but it had mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, spinach and pesto on 7-grain with tomato soup of course!  It doesn't take much for me to be a happy girl...whether it be peanut butter or grilled cheese;0)

These week takes me to true tapering mode...as the marathon is really here.  Good thing my social calendar is happening which means I can take my mind off of running.  I've got to do lalalalaundry tomorrow (which means washing my official marathon uniform!), SH's birthday on Tuesday, my unofficial pasta party on Thursday evening/Last Thursday with the 'Dogs on the west side somewhere, and then heading to Philly on Friday afternoon! My running schedule consists of a run on Tuesday morning (hopefully if its not pouring) and Friday with a run around the reservoir to get the nerves/anxiety out.

Damn...they wasted Andy Pettite's pitching performance...:( And I hate the NY Giants even more...they cut in on my Eagles game with 3 minutes left so I missed the blocked FG returned for a TD to win the game...thanks...because I really wanted to see the beginning of the Giants game..yeah.
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