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Bridges Runner

Blair Witch Project Style Running

Blair Witch Project Style Running

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Yes, that's right folks. This morning's run in Central Park resembled more of a scene out of Blair Witch then your average pre-work run. I met AB at 5:45am outside the gym and headed to my second home: Central Park. This will mark my last real run before the big one on Sunday. It was quite eerie to say the least...as the first couple miles of the run consisted of seeing maybe 2 or 3 other runners?? And it was cold...as it made for my first venture with running tights of the season:( Has anyone seen fall? Anyone? Anyway, run went well seeing that there were no injuries:)

So yesterday I did end up working from home due to annoying sick coworker. He's here today but apparently at meetings most of the day...which means great get the clients sick. Oi vey...and I don't mean leaving Brooklyn (see sign on bridges from Brooklyn). It was actually nice to work in pajamas all day! Well except for meeting Coach Sponge for lunch mid-day;) Today I come back and the sick guy is not quite as sick but now the guy on the opposite side of sick boy is hacking up a lung x2!!!! HELP ME! So I just need to make it until Friday 2pm...and then it's off to Philly before heading down to DC Saturday morning! Yay!

Oh and a sign that fast food companies are feeling the heat from customers, starting in 2006 McDonalds is going to start showing "nutritional" content on most products. Are people that dumb...in a shocking development, FAST FOOD IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU! Thank you and good day.

4 days...
  • Good Luck!

    Best of luck on Sunday, can't wait to read how it goes...
    Yvonne (from Personal Record)
  • (Anonymous)
    thanks for the welll wishes.

    good luck on Sunday!!

  • Hope you run a terrific race and achieve all of your goals on Sunday. Happy PR!
  • is it just wrong that I think your "annoying coworker" updates are amusing? :) as a runner, i know it's not funny...but in a way it is. like "office space" humor or something.
    (FWIW, I ran my half-marathon PR right after getting over a nasty cold.)

    i had to break out the tights this morning too!! brrr...it's way too early for this!! though one of my friends says the years she ran NYC, she always held off on tights til after the marathon, no matter how cold it got.
    • Nah, totally supposed to be amusing and somewhat tongue 'n cheek...it'll be more funny when I'm finished with the marathon on Sunday:) I'd prefer not to find out what it feels like to run with a nasty cold:)

      LOL...I guess I'm a wuss then for breaking out the tights...hopefully tomorrow it's a little warmer so my last run will be shorts!
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