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And I just want to thank you...

My bag is packed.  Marathon uniform is definitely there...whether or not anything else is, is secondary really.  We're here....and it's time to put this training to the test and just rock 'n roll.  Enough of this tapering mode already...(yes I know there are certain people laughing....for I can't use tapering anymore but then oh yes what about recovery mode:p).

Last night a group of 15 people met me at Nick's for some hearty Italian food. What a great thing it was to have 15 people there to show support and love for me...I just have no words for this. I mean it really makes me feel so unbelievably blessed to know that I've made so many wonderful friends in just the past 11 months (or perhaps they just wanted food? j/k). This journey to marathon #2 is so different...and I've come to realize "hey change is good." And yeah...2005 edition was a good change...and as one of my 2005 resolutions (not usually one for this) said "Get Out there and be more social in 2005"...

So yes...this is a thank you to everyone out there.  And I guess I'll go through my list because you guys rock!!!!

First off, a major props in general to The Reservoir Dogs!  I still remember coming out to my first run last December.  I was very nervous about who I would meet and what it would be like.  I was coming off my first marathon the previous month and wanted to make sure I didn't quit.  Well, yes my friends, TRD made sure I would have no issues with that.  They even invited me to their holiday party that night and I had known them for just a mere 5 miles!  11 months later I can't imagine meeting a better bunch of people and oh yeah...I think I have become a better runner along the way:)  So yeah, mad props to TRD!

My dad!  Hey without him, I don't know if I'd be doing the Marine Corp Marathon.  I have to give him credit for actually sticking to his promise from last year.  For those that don't know, he will be running with me on Sunday.  And why you may ask?  Last November when I ran the NYCM, he was unable to be there.  He knew how devestated I was that he was missing a major event in my life, so here's where cool dad comes in.  He promised me that if I decided to run a second marathon, he would be by my side.  You see, he's run 17 marathons already and had "retired" from marathons after the 2000 Boston Marathon. But Sunday morning, at 8:15am, he'll be there to run 26.2 with me! 

AB and Sempre Libera....These girls are hardcore!  What an awesome pair these two are and I definitely have not only met great training partners, but some truly A+++++ friends. You know you've met special people when they will meet you at 6am for a run. Or enjoy the finer things in life like Peanut Butter, people watching in Central Park, or hitting the town on a Saturday night.  I can't believe I've only known them a few months because it seems a lot longer....I guess running has a way of building friendships or perhaps it's just finding the right people.  Whatever it is, I am truly blessed and lucky.  May the next year bring even better things for us....and yes even better than cookies;0)

Coach Sponge!  I can't leave him out of course.  I started my TRD Speed Sessions last January.  I was intimidated thinking "man I'm going to be so slow and what am I doing."  Well it's made me a better runner, that's for sure...just see how much my times have dropped in just one year.  And now my pace group definitely likes me around...they don't call me the pacemeister/pacemaster for nothing! However, I'm hoping to dedicate the next year even more so to getting speedier... He's also become a good friend....I can always talk nerdy IT or just running in general...or gossip:p...notice a common thread with members from TRD....yeah:) 

KP, SH, and W.....for helping me in various ways. SH for helping me actually learn how not to fall OFF my bike...and now I'm actually super looking forward to biking again. W and KP for being good friends as to be expected...

kenkomachi for continuing to be such an awesome friend. She was able to deal with hyperness the last few weeks as the marathon drew near. She also helped me get through those long days at work...yay.

My mom....for being able to deal with my dad training for a marathon. That's pretty damn impressive as he can get pretty intense about these things. Fortunately, she still wants to see us run this weekend:p j/k. I don't think she'd miss this for the world. Same goes for my brother and his fiancee...they will be there this weekend too. Rock on.

My gym buddies....they've turned almost into a second family. It's funny how you become so close to people that you see every morning at 6am. It gets to the point that if you don't tell them you won't be there for a week...they worry!

The internet world...for reading my entries and commenting in return. It's nice to know that there are people that actually read this stuff. It's meant to be for memories and just general enjoyment. It's kind of neat to have some virtual friends whether it be running virtual friends or just anyone. Writing this stuff down makes me want to work harder and become a better person...so I think that's occurring...but that's always an ongoing process:)

Anyone else that may not be listed by name...whether it be through work or old friends...you know you will be a part of my thoughts as I run 26.2 this Sunday.

So thanks everyone and I hope to bring back a race report full of great memories and fun...the end of my journey is here! So come 8:15am Sunday morning...DC will become my running ground and you better believe...I will show it who's boss!

So without further ado...bring it on....and I'll see you at the finish line!

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