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So I know you all want to know...

So...I kinda broke my previous mark and only marathon by 21 minutes!!!!

To the tune of 3:45:21!!!! HOLY SMOKES!! And the best part? I ran a negative split which also meant I ran my half marathon PR for the second half of the marathon (I've yet to race a half marathon).  Who the hell does that???

Final Stats:
1st half = 1:53:13 (8:38/mi)
2nd half = 1:52:08 (8:33/mi)
Final time = 3:45:21 (8:35/mi)

Placement Overall: 1859 Gender: 368 Division: 94

This race had 30,000 runners!!! Holy shiznit....I rocked this race. Race report tomorrow when I wake up from a really long sleep!
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