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Congratulations...you've run 26.2 miles...

Tell us what you've won. Folks, she's won 2 days of complete rest and being a blob.  Funny thing is....I'm already getting stir crazy.  It's been TWO FREAKIN' DAYS!  I suppose I need to accept the fact...that yes...I am in recovery mode.  I'm still loving that 3:45 marathon feeling....though I'm already not satisfied enough to say I'll never do another marathon:p  I wanted a sub 4 but man what a nice time I got...and honestly even better is the response I've gotten from friends and family. I'm really just blown away by the response.

Roadbunner called me to tell me that she was so incredibly inspired by my run. She's running NYC this weekend and now feels like she's just going to give that little bit extra...to shave a few extra minutes off her initial prediction.

Speedy Sarah emailed me to say she wants to know my secret to running a marathon.  LOL.

Sempre Libera is almost 100% sure on running 26.2 in 2006.

My boss has joined the gym.

Coach Sponge went out and did a speed workout after he heard of my time.  I would expect nothing less!

Heck I had a whole thread on the message board on my team's website dedicated to my marathon...unreal.

So much outpouring of support...it's just overwhelming.  It's amazing and I am so happy to know that so many people care.

I've taken the torch from my dad in the family as the fast runner....ohh yeah.

So thank you very much! You guys rock!

So now what?  Well tomorrow i'm planning on my first post marathon run.  I'll go out to my team's speed workout but obviously minus doing speed.  I think certain people may hurt me if I even tried...before I even had the chance to hurt myself! :p   Seriously though, I'll probably do a couple easy loops of the reservoir....  I feel way better than expected....after RTB I felt worse than this.

This weekend I'll be eating pasta again on Friday and then I'll be up in Harlem with my team to support the NYC marathoners!  And of course with AB running...she's going to get the rock star treatment!

And oh yeah photos...see them here: http://picturesitook.com/ebg818/marine/index.htm
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