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Bridges Runner

It's Expo time!

It's Expo time!

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That's right. The New York City Marathon Expo is here! I'm meeting AB and Sempre Libera after work in Times Square to head over to the Javitz Center. Hopefully I can find a cheap pair of running tights, better known as spandex, for the winter. *sigh* I'm going to miss those shorts...stupid winter ::shakes fist::

Anyway, had my first post-marathon "run" last night. Met up with good ole' TRD for Wednesday Night Speed. However, hold the speed last night. I came out decked in my long sleeve MCM shirt of course:) I mostly got a reception of "Great job!" followed by "what the hell are you doing here?" I had to make sure they knew that I didn't just work hard to run a marathon well then screw up and of course a certain member of the team would tackle me if I even tried to do 7 or sub 7 min mile intervals:-p Won't mention any names but that person knows who he/she is:) I ended up doing the warm up lap of the reservoir with the team and then played my part as a marker for the end of an interval...which I think I did quite well. Good practice for my cheerleading on Sunday...it's going to be hardcore cheering!

So in other news...
Apparently the Soup Man (famous from Seinfeld) opened around the corner from where I work. I'm sure it's a zoo. I'll probably have to try it at least once just because.

I still have not found my hot cider anywhere!! Is it so hard to ask for a cup of hot apple cider and a cinnamon stick?

And finally: Here's the look of finishing a 3:45 marathon!
  • Yeah I hold off on tights for as long as possible. Judging by this weather, we could be well into december before I bring out the tights...

    As for the expo, it was fun. Shopping is fun:) I bought a pair of tights and a pair of mittens/gloves. They're gloves but they have a mittens part that can go over them if its really cold. They're pretty neat and should be effective for me since I have a lot of problems when it gets super cold outside (read: lose blood circulation).
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