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Marathon madness

So last night we had our team pasta party downtown. It was nice to wish everyone well and I think I'm actually more excited to watch the race than I was to run last week. OK, so maybe I exaggerate on that a bit. But I am so pumped for AB's marathon debut tomorrow....it's just so weird to think that just one year ago I was in that same position. Crazy. And now I've got two under my belt...even crazier. But I digress. Ended up going out last night after and not getting home till 4am...oh how I miss those nights since before I had that little thing called training to attend to!

Work is pretty blech.  On Tuesday I am doing a lovely commute to Biloxi, Mississippi..for the day!  It's one more state to knock off the list that I've been to right:0)

Anyway, I ended up getting up after a few hours of sleep for the group run. Did a full loop easy...and it felt real good. I'm amazed with my fitness level and it's just exciting to be back out there again.  My plan for the next week is to get an extra run in and still hold back on the pace...no need to rush things.  I'm eyeballing that December 11th 10K as my next race. I think I may have persuaded Sempre Libera to negate her "no races till '06."  I figure if she's still running long and negating that proclaimation, why not have her race too?  Excellent. 

So to all running NYC tomorrow...may the marathon gods be with you tomorrow.  Let your mind body and soul take you from the Verrazano to Tavern on the Green...and I'll see you at the finish line! I'll be cheering everyone on and have some TRD cupcakes...it's a great day to be a New Yorker!
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