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Bridges Runner

Destination Anywhere

Destination Anywhere

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It truly has been a whirlwind of a week. I think I've done almost every form of transportation since last Tuesday, which also included my first trip to the deep south. And we all know...I just fit that mold so well;) Last Tuesday, I was the lucky winner of traveling to Biloxi, Mississippi for the day. This meant waking up at 4am...taking a 6am flight...finally arriving in Biloxi around 12pm EST/11am CST (hour behind). I had to survey a building down there...and this is the area completely devestated by Hurricane Katrina. I'll tell you...it really was heartbreaking to see this. Before I could even say Mississippi, I was on a flight home...6:22 to be exact....and walked in my apartment at 12:15am. Mmmm...20 hour day.

I did do my one random act of kindness though. On my way home from LGA, there was another young person waiting for a cab and asked if I wanted to share. I said sure...reminding her that I had to go to the UES, not UWS as she was. So we pull up to my neck of the woods, and I hand her enough money for the whole cab ride to that point...which ends up around 20 dollars minus toll. Hand her the 20 as I get out of the cab and say "it's your lucky day" before she has a chance to argue:) It should be also noted I've had this happen to me prior so things do come full circle...believe me what comes around, goes around!

This weekend brought another version of destination anywhere. For whatever reason, we decided to walk the length of Broadway (in Manhattan). For those that don't know, Broadway actually turns into 9A and goes out to Albany! See our route here. Turns out it's actually over 13 miles! All in all - we stopped only once for lunch on the UWS with Coach Sponge and spent about 5 1/2 hours exploring the wonder that is Broadway. Pictures can be found here. My destination then brought me to work until midnight Sunday since I was not letting work rain on my parade..or rather walk down Broadway!

Yesterday, brought a conclusion to Destination Anywhere. I ended up flying to DC for the day for work once again. This time at least I didn't have to get up at 4am. However, since I didn't get to bed till after 1 Sunday...I was one beat up girl. It was interesting to be down there just a shade over 2 weeks from marathoning down there. Definitely easier to take the metro by mile 24, then run it:p Not as rewarding though;) Made it back around 5pm and crashed HARD. Not after receiving 3 calls from work with "emergencies." Bah.

Oh and yes the running front...things are really getting back to normal. Went on an AM run with Sempre Libera and felt pretty damn good. We did another 8:30ish pace and didn't feel it. One example of it not being hard enough, is the fact that we had a conversation about US troops in Iraq up Cat Hill! It's bad enough to have a conversation up that but to have something that deep...we're not working hard enough;) I'm really pumped to get back to speedwork in a couple weeks...and yup...I've officially signed up for the 10K on December 11th! Woohoo! Bring..it..on!

I'm thinking good omens for next Thursday's Turkey Trot. Last year I ran 7:40's but seeing that I can now run 7:40 pace for a 10K in Central Park...and this is way way flatter...not to mention not 5000 degrees. Things that make you go...hmmmmm. Last year I finished 3rd in my age group...of which one of the girls was only 30 seconds ahead of me. Ooohlala! Oh how another award would make Turkey dinner that much sweeter:)

Oh and more destination anywhere coming...looks like another trip to DC Thursday and in December...heading to my ALMA MATER, Penn State for recruiting! Yahoo!
  • When are you headin up to PSU? We should get together :) I'm in Lock Haven student teaching, but I can easily get down to SC!
    • I'll be at PSU Dec 8/9 (staying overnight on Thursday). I'm pretty excited!
      • I think my auditioned ensemble may have a performance that night, but I'm not sure yet. Even if they do, I think it'd be over by 8 at the latest. Do you want to maybe try to get together after that? It's kinda late, I know :) But I'd love to see you while you're in the area. It's been WAY too long!
  • Good luck on the Turkey Trot! How long is yours? Ours is 5 miles, but it's a 'fun run' which means thousands of 'not-really-runners' lining up altogether. I'd love to aim for 7:20/30s or so, but I bet I'll spend the first mile dodging people!
    • Ours is 5 miles as well but it's not very big. There's only about 300 or so that run. Last year I finished 69th overall out of 400 I think? I hate those kind of races where you burn more energy avoiding people than actually racing!
      • Ah, at ours they're giving out 2000 pumpkin pies, so there will literally be thousands of people there. And it's not timed, either, so you never actually know how you did.
        • oh wow they give out pies?! It's alright about not being timed...consider it a race to get ready to eat a lot at dinner;-)
  • that walk down broadway is pretty damn cool - good pictures. smart of you to take advantage of these last few days of nice weather!
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