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Great weekend:-)

Ahh just got back from a very restful weekend down in Oakland, Maryland. For those that have no clue where that is, it's the panhandle of Maryland...aka right next to West Virginia. I was down there to hang out with Maggie and her friends for the holiday weekend at her cabin. It was a spur of the moment thing as I really wasn't sure I was going till Friday! Left Friday afternoon with Lai-yan...for a place that I had never been to before. Hey I said I wanted a summer of Elyssa....and this was a good start! Last year it was HFStival...this year nowheresville, USA!

The drive down was relatively uneventful...just long due to rain and not really knowing the route. One note: one town is called Accident, Maryland! How do you come up with that name? Better yet, there is an Accident Ford./...would you buy a car from a place named that? Got down around 8:30ish and called Maggie up to come guide us to her cabin. First event: She failed to mention to have us follow right after she opened the gate to the entrance of her "resort" area...so I got caught behind a gate....she said that was the first time anyone hadn't followed her in. hehe. When we got in, we just chilled and caught up. Her friend Mary came down with her for the weekend. It was cool to finally put a face with the people she had told me about. Around midnight we pretty much hit the sack....found out Julie wasn't leaving till morning.

Saturday...Julie got stuck in a ditch on the way. So Maggie, Lai-yan, and Mary went out to try and find her. I stayed behind since I didn't get a chance to shower yet. Phone rings (cell) and it ends up being Julie giving me a location. However, the trio was out and they did not bring a cell. So finally around 2 they came back (after 3 hours) and I told them where she said she was. Still couldn't find her but finally got through to her and she ended up telling us that some random guy helped her out of the ditch and she was at the beach. After that lovely adventure, we came back and chilled back at the cabin for a few hours. Ended up going across the street to a cliff that overlooked one of the most magnificent scenes I had ever seen! There was nothing but trees and pure nature for MILES!!! For people like me, not a very reoccurring event, I got photos of the sunset. Something about a sunset that just is so special. Lai-yan got to make her first campfire...she did a damn good job too!!! Go Lai-yan! Cooked some smores...yahoo!!! Oh yea earlier we ended up going go-karting...let's just say Maggie's driving matches go-kart driving. Then took care of the beverage situation for the weekend;-)

The night pretty much contained booze and chatting'. It was a lot of fun to drink with friends again. It had been a while since I just got to chill and drink. We made jello shots...first time I had ever had them! Let's see...other than that fell asleep to a movie again...haha!

Sunday...Maggie woke everyone up at 8AM!!! That did not make for a very happy household:P Eventually we made it up and went out to see the waterfall. It was spectacular and soothing...the sound of water is just so relaxing. I would have loved to stay all day!!! But Mary fell in the mud and Maggie was getting hungry. Went to Uno for dinner...tis was good. Got back and had serious nappage. Woke up in time to see the sunset. This sunset was even better than Saturday's as you will see. That night consisted of chatting and the such...Mary seemed to attract the bats...as they kept flying by her head:P Besides that nothing much...just a chill type of evening.

Monday brought cleaning and packing. Around noon headed home...naturally not as planned. About 12 miles from State College (just about to get on 322 East off of 220 North) and naturally an accident had just occurred. So I had to go all the way back towards Philipsburg...to catch 322E. Ended up taking 4 hours to get home...oh well here I am...

Click here to see photos from the weekend!

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