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What is this word? I apparently don't know because I seem to have a hard time using it these days:) Let me explain...the past couple weeks have been non-stop pandamonium for me...between travel for work, work itself, studying, and recovering from the marathon. It really is quite draining. So yesterday was a continuation of Destination Anywhere as I had to go back to Washington DC for the day for meetings. If I told you what these meetings were for, I'd have to kill you..j/k. But really, can't discuss:) Anyway, got home from DC around 7pm...threw my Zogsports dodgeball uniform on and headed to the UWS for the playoff games. I figured OK, I can do this then go home and rest. And here's where "No" means "Yes."

LD calls me while I'm at the game to see if I want to go to the TRD happy hour downtown, in the freakin' west village. I call her back after saying I'm waiting for the bus to head back to the UES and probably will just head home...it had been a long day...week..hell two weeks. Naturally, I get suckered in and end up going out and getting home around midnight. Meanwhile, I had promised AB a run this morning so I had to pack for the morning when I got home and eventually got about 4.5 hours of sleep. Oi vey.

And idiotic thing #2 I did this week: I ran on Wednesday night. Fine to run, not fine to run when it's monsoon season. By the end of the run, I couldn't feel anything and I had trouble maneuvering my keys to open the door @_@ It was that cold rain that makes you chilled down to the bone. What the hell am I thinking?! hahaha.

So in a nutshell in the past two weeks: I've gone to Mississippi for a day, walked down Broadway, worked till midnight after walk, Washington DC after not enough sleep Sunday, crazy run Wed night, DC again yesterday followed by many activiities i could have said "no", and 6am running this morning. My body is definitely starting a bit of a revolt...for the second time this week, my stomach has been quite angry. This used to be a normal occurrance but ever since I started running and having a "SCHEDULE" it has been tame and gone unoticed. I guess like volcanoes, it's bound to erupt at some point.

I think the air conditioning is on in my office>_<

And guess who has a happy hour after work...
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