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Bridges Runner

We are....Big Ten Champions!

We are....Big Ten Champions!

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A bit of a change in subject but Penn State is Big Ten Champions for football!  A fantastic storyline seeing that they were a pitiful 9th in the Big Ten last season.  A stinkin' debatable 2 seconds from the Michigan game is what stands between us and an undefeated season!  Ah well 10-1 isn't too shabby and a BCS bowl awaits...which means definite party potential come the New Year:-)  #3 in the BCS! GO STATE!

I finally succombed to the head cold.  Friday I left early from work after getting brutally sick after my Friday morning run.  I ended up napping for 3 hours...although is it truly a nap after an hour? Or is it sleep?  Anyway, what a saving grace that was and I was able to get my mangled body up and head out for KP's friend's party on the west side.  However, I definitely was not my usual self...the dependable one that can be assured to give proper directions and the like.  Certain people can atest to this as they ended up 15 blocks from the proper bar. Whoops.  Not to worry, regular ole' me is back now!

"Ran" into roommate #2 on the street yesterday about 5 minutes before meeting up with roommate #1.  That would have been an interesting situation had they seen eachother (probably better off not).

What does it say when my next 2 vacations will most likely be planned around running a race at some point???

Apparently inflation has hit laundry. It cost me 25 cents more for the washer AND the dryer...so 50 cents more to do each load of laundry!!

As for running, I am so back. I did my first back to back 5 and 6 mile runs (and another 5 today)...and felt great!  All the runs were under 9 min/mile and no heaviness in the legs could be felt at all.  I'm definitely excited about this as I think after Thanksgiving I'll start attending speed sessions with my team again.  Not to mention, I've got a race this Thursday morning (barring absolutely ridiculous weather)!  Bring it! 
  • >What does it say when my next 2 vacations will most likely be planned around running a race at some point???

    amateur :)
    last year, I went to Boston and Oregon, both for running. this year, Disney and Boston are for running. going to visit my folks in AZ, so I looked up a race for when I was there. I'm supposed to go home for a wedding in September, that'll be the only trip I have planned that's not running related (yet...)
    • yes, yes...although I should mention that this year when I was in Cape Cod for the week I found a 10K to run and I went to RTB up in New Hampshire.

      I think the part that gets me is I already have 2006, 2007, 2008 in "schematic" phasing:) Well 2006 is more of "design development" in architecture/engineer phasing since I have definite destination(s)(sorry I'm at work so thats how the brain is working right now!).

      But yeah.....call me an amateur....for now.
  • Beat that bitch

    Oh I would have beat that bitch down if I saw her. Grrr. I do not get my nails done anymore so I would have torn her a new one.

  • Well, it was a pretty dang disappointing season for us, but I guess we have that consolation. =P

    Go Blue!
    • grrr....very annoyed about that but not as bad as a couple years back when we completely got screwed by the refs. I was at that game in Ann Arbor...it's what brought about instant replay actually...

      GO STATE!
  • you DO know I'm from Columbus, right???

    I'm not a football fan, so I'll forgive your crowing about Penn State :)

    It was actually kinda cool, the day I was driving up to Scranton to run Steamtown was the day of the OSU - Penn State game. All along the route I saw people dressed for the game, including a whole busload of supporters stopped at the same rest station as I was. I felt like I was entering enemy territory :)
    • Re: you DO know I'm from Columbus, right???

      haha awesome:) You're safe then...because as you can see I bleed blue and white...very school spirited:-p

      Meant to ask...is steamtown as fast as they "crow" about? Me and 3:40 have a date in 2007:0)
      • Re: you DO know I'm from Columbus, right???

        I just got this comment today (12/07).

        Steamtown is definitely fast, so long as you are okay with downhills. Everyone I was with PRed, including a woman who PRed and BQed for the first time - it was something like her 11th marathon.

        It was my fave marathon so far, it was so well organized and everything. They don't have official pace groups, they have areas where you can meet up with other ppl planning on running the same pace, but it really is a good, fast course. I heartily recommend it!
  • WE ARE ...

    How cool! I check out NYC running blogs and discover a fellow Nittany Lion. Gotta love JoePa for hanging in there. He must have a bit of the runner gene in him. By the way, do you Reservoir Dogs ever go to the Reservoir bar on University Place? Not quite as good as the Phyrst, but ....
    • Re: WE ARE ...

      ...PENN STATE!! Thanks for stopping by. Anyway, never been to the Reservoir Bar...but I suppose I should check it out. I miss the Phyrst and Phyrst family on Saturday nights...table wars...:)

      Got a blog?
      • Re: WE ARE ...

        "Oh it's Saturday night, Saturday night! We all get together on a Saturday night! We all get together and what do we do?? We go down to the Phyrst and we suck some brew! On a Sunday or a Monday you can't do it right ... ain't you glad we got Saturday nights!"

        You definitely should try the Reservoir Bar, if for no other reason than they have Reservoir Dogs T-shirts. Not like yours, but cute nonetheless.

        No, don't have a blog. No energy left at the end of the day!!
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