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Ready..set...holiday season!

Another holiday weekend down.  Really not excited about the week ahead.  I've got the equivalent of two or three weeks worth of work to do in one...this should be ::great::. It's kind of like last week was "well I dont' feel like dealing with work so let's just push it to next."  Seems like an awesome idea at the time...ok enough whining about something that isn't to worry about for a few more hours!

So the weekend was good.  My family's Thanksgiving is totally laid back which is why I love it so much.  This year my brother's fiancee and her parents came along with my grandparents from Florida (they definitely "enjoyed" the artic temperatures of Thursday and Friday!) joined the usual cast of characters.  I finally got my birthday present from my brother (yes, my birthday was over 3 months ago)...but the best part was receiving martini glasses and shaker as "interest."  And then the kicker...my brother's fiancee spills the beans that it is "regifted." LOL.  I definitely have plans for teasing as the big wedding day approaches for them...mwahahaha.  The food was great as usual....let's just say I had no problem running 9 miles the day after with my dad in the park with nothing to eat prior to the run!  Longest run since the marathon and everything went well.

Other than that found out 2006 really is the year of the wedding.  I now have not one, but two weddings one weekend next year...fortunately one is on a Saturday and the other Sunday...and both are in the same location I think.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!

Big purchase of the weekend? A new alarm clock.  It's not just any alarm clock but a CD player/dual alarm.  I've joined the 21st century folks.  The dual alarm should be nice as it will allow for a "workout" and "non-workout" alarm. The old alarm clock I had...well it was one from the dark ages.  It only allowed for the lovely buzzer sound...how refreshing it will be to have music...as long as I don't allow it to put me to sleep!

So I logged another 20+ mile week and feel pretty decent.  Back to my working out 5-6 times a week and now incorporating more intensity.  Today I did a loop of the park myself and did a start slow and speed up thing.  I ended up starting at a 9:10 pace and ended with a 7:15-7:30 pace.  I really got into my ipod music...the running mix I made a few weeks back. Oh baby, I'm back!

And this could be fun...the MTA is discussing a strike. Just when you thought the MTA wasn't dysfunctional enough...*sigh* 

Eek...a murder a few blocks from my apartment!  Not good when you look at the news and say "hey I know where that is..."

And with that the holiday season is off...which means lots of temptations in the office (damnit me and my chocolate love!) and many free lunches from vendors! woohoo!
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