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Bridges Runner

Just call me hero...with a capital "H"!

Just call me hero...with a capital "H"!

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So last night one of my fellow teammates held the annual "craft" night at her place. Let's just say it's the most estrogen I've been surrounded by in quite a while...wow:-p I did as I had RSVP'd and came craftless...but certainly not gossipless! Come on now..do you think one could go without that idea? :) And so it was...now as for the gossip, that's not for you...you have to be in the "in" crowd...nananana!

Anyway, called LD last night before I left work at 6:45PM (hooray for 4:30pm meetings>_<) and her words "get over here...I've got peanut butter kisses for you!" My response "I love you. Be right there." LOL! So LD introduced me to my new heaven. Hershey's now makes Peanut Butter kisses!!!!So heavenly good:0) So yes I had chocolate, pizza, and wine...what a fine mix, no?

So why am a hero with a capital H? Well, my friends, there was a whole pizza pie left over and no one would take it. So, I decided to take it on and took the whole darn thing home...and brought it to work today for co-workers. And now I am the Hero! For I have descended upon my second home with free food. Except no free food for them after my no help day I'm having....can you say another 12 hour day descending upon me?

Oh and my ipod decided the battery would die today...so now I have to send it back and have no sanity for 7-10 days>_<

Repeat after me: I will be going to speed tonight come hell or high water....:0) Even if it means coming back after to work some more:-/
  • (Anonymous)
    Gossip + cookies are my craft of choice.

    -Sempre Libera
  • those PB kisses look divine...plus I want to find the mint Hershey's kisses, i think those are limited holiday edition!!
    • Mint!!! Yummy:-)

      I'm going to have to run 100 miles a week in order to keep up with the amount of chocolate I want to eat:-p
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