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It's officially winter

The "poofy" coat has been brought of hiatus from last year....*sigh*. I tried to hold out as long as possible but with the pending snow and nastiness...may as well join the poofy revolution. So alas it's back to freezing outside and boiling to a crisp in the subway. For whatever reason, the subway decided it would be fun to crawl to work today...no joke...took me 20 minutes to get 2 express stops on the 4,5 line>_< It should take 5! Bah humbug.

On the running front, as Sempre Libera has stated, my "recovery" period is officially over. I ran 3 days in a row this weekend and 5 runs in 6 days for 28 miles for the week! So yeah...10K on Sunday? I'm there.

Yesterday's run was another edition of run to food. Now, in the past, we've run to peanut butter & company as well as Grilled Cheese NYC. However, I made an executive decision to suspend running to the food for the winter..so yeah we still run but first shower/change/warm up then eat. This week's edition brought us to Hummus Place down in the East Village. First up though was a loop of the park with Sempre Libera, her sister, and KP. Raynaud's Disease has returned with a vengence...I couldn't feel my fingers/toes for the first half of the run or so. Yuck. Other than that my sense of pace is really quite absurd. We finish the run...I didn't time it myself...and I turn to Sempre Libera and go "I'd say that was around 54 minutes or so for the loop." She starts to laugh and reveals "53:59." So instead of referring to it as pace, it's referred to as the Uptown Girl (substitute real name in there). Hummus place was FABULOUS! $8 a person with tip tax and all the hummus, pita one could want...oh and a cookie;)

Last night I got in a cooking mode...most likely due to the snow on its way (I grew up with my mom insisting that snowstorms=baking weather). I ended up baking oatmeal apple bars and preparing my famous chili for the crockpot. It's currently slowly cooking and will be ready for me upon my return home:)

So last week lived up to it's billing as the week from... I ended up working way more than I ever want to in a week....but I got my 3 projects out by 10AM on Friday morning. This week should be a bit better as I'm going to Penn State on Thursday/Friday for recruiting...yippee!

Depressing=4:28 sundown. Sunrise 7:06. Is it ever light anymore?
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