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Bridges Runner

The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed

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So tonight I set out for a run with Sempre Libera after work.  I figured I'd get a nice 5 mile loop in since tomorrow's speed session involved hills which is not something that interests me 4 days before my 10K race.  We start out and I feel good....I can tell she's letting me set the pace.  As we go through the transverse, she goes "we're going at a nice clip." My estimate was about 8:15 which is quick for just an easy "jog."  Especially since the way I run is to get progressively faster as the run goes on!  Let's just say I'd guesstimate we finished at close to a 7:15 pace....and 8min/mile pace overall.  Honestly most of it wasn't that hard, just the last mile and a half or so of which we definitely picked it up big time (including Cat Hill).

Got speed? I'm finding it....
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