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Doldrums of winter

It's certainly bad news when you feel like you've hit the doldrums of winter and it isn't even winter yet. Oi vey. Not sure what it is but just feel so blah and uninspired lately. Work just feels like a work of going through the motions even though I have been putting in the hours and work..trust me on that one. I shouldn't feel surprised...this happens every year. It doesn't mean I ever get used to it...nor will I ever like it. At least running and working out like a crazy woman helps somewhat..not to mention having some awesome people as support staff these days;)

Anyway, so I've been running through it all. After the tempo run with Sempre Libera Tuesday night, I ended up waking up early on Wednesday to do a strength training session. Last night I led The Reservoir Dogs group run in Central Park. I said we'd do 9 minute miles and what do you know...we did the 6 mile loop in 54 flat. Boo yeah. Then as a cap to the week I woke up this morning for the spinning class at the gym at 6:30am. Yes it was snowing like crazy but that doesn't stop me. I wanted my last workout before the 10K on Sunday morning!

After the 10K, I'll be meeting up with fellow NYC Bloggers for brunch. That should be neat to finally see who these people behind the screens are...perhaps;)

Other than that the family is coming to visit tomorrow so at least that will keep my routine of no running the day before a race alive:) I also need to get on the ball about holiday gifts...oops.

I'm getting closer to taking the plunge and being a host for New Years....as in hosting a party! Last thing to do is make sure the roomie doesn't mind.

Guess I should finish stuff up before meeting up with Roadbunner for lunch...
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