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Bridges Runner

Pacemaster strikes again!

Pacemaster strikes again!

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This is getting a bit ridiculous.  I mean it started out as "haha you keep a good pace" but come on...after today.  Anyway, my PR for a 10K was set back in April with a 47:53.  However, that time the weather was perfect and I had some semblance of training.  So guess what I go out and run today...yep, 47:53....not 47:54 and not 47:52...had to be 47:53!!! This photoit was a true test as the crowds sucked. Special kudos to Sempre Libera and her sister for being out there with the pom poms to cheer us on!! You guys rock:-)

desiruns joined me at the start as he wanted to pace off me.  I said that was fine because I would run my own race no matter.  He wanted to use me to pace off of and see where he stood at this point.  Anyway, the first mile was so crowded going down and up Harlem Hills....I ended up running a slow as molasses first mile....I think it was 8:05 (hard to get exact splits).  I knew I was in trouble at this point to PR as I've already given up a precious 20 seconds of no fault of mine.  Mile 2 I start to hit a bit more of a groove as I'm running with my teammate, HE and desiruns.  I clock that one at 7:45 which is more like it.  The rest of my splits as follows: Mile 3: 7:35/Mile 4: 7:47/ Mile 5: 7:48/Mile 6: 7:23/.2: 1:27.  All in all a damn consistent race...and I honestly didn't feel that horrendous again.  A good way to finish a break through year for me...  I think 2006 will definitely help me break that 7:40 barrier...as it's more photomental at this point. 

After the race, I had the nycbloggers brunch over on the west side with Derek, nyflygirl, danny, and Brooklyn!  It was pretty cool to finally meet so many of the people that I read about. It was definitely a good time and everyone was as nice as advertised:)  As nyflygirl mentioned, I think it definitely would be a good time to do this again...we shared war stories from the race to the morals/ethics of being a lawyer (hahaha) to the rules of dating.  All in the course of brunch. Awesome.

Update: Here's a  from brunch today courtesy of danny!

So upon further review of my two 10K races...it gets even more eerie:
10K back in May: Official time: 48:28 Net time: 47:53
yesterday's race:Official time: 48:34 Net time: 47:53

Are you kidding me??? 6 seconds and I ran the same exact race...!
  • it sucks when you run much better than you have before, but the clock doesn't show it! At least you know you're alot stronger than you have been! I'm confident that 7:40 barrier will be knocked down shortly!
    • Well this is one PR that will certainly be destroyed next season! I do feel like a ton was gained out there today...out of the fact that I *know* how much stronger I am....and that will go a lot further in the long run than any clock can ever show:)
  • just so you know, i can't actually see the picture.

    anyway, it was fun today, and definitely interesting to meet people in person. we'll definitely have to do it again sometime.
    • there it is!
      • Presto...like magic;-) I just re-linked from my web space=)

        And I'm glad to see we're equal opportunity...you signed up so you can post comments on lj, and i signed up on blogger.....
  • to quote myself, "blogger and LJ don't love each other enough" :-D

    and who *are* those good-looking peeps in that photo ;-)

    nice job on the race. though the time was similar, IMHO it was a better performance due to the harder terrain of this course as opposed to the ones that end at tavern.
    • Those are some good looking people....:-)

      Anyway, yeah I'm satisfied for now. Mostly satisfied with the fact that it was not nearly as hard for me. Bring on 2006! For now, it's time to run in the freezing cold..joy...
  • Heh...talk about being a consistent pacer! Congratulations on your race!
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