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Bridges Runner

Happy Holidays and then some...

Happy Holidays and then some...

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So as mentioned below, Saturday was The Reservoir Dogs annual holiday party. Good times were had by all...some more than others;-) We were told there would be copious amounts of food...and that there definitely was not. Certain people were worse off than others...and many made statements that they probably don't want to write home about:-D Oh dancing there was...and drinks, drinks, drinks galore. Apparently lots of doggies getting to know each other a little better...the usual goodness!

I received my golden shoe for "Best New Member". A few select others received golden shoes as well. These awards ranged from Most Valuable "Player" to Most Improved...and everything in between! For those that are not in the know, that's our version of an award. Way cooler than a boring certificate!

Thanks TRD for a great 2005...can't wait for 2006.

Quote of the night: "Wow you really are a girl!" (reference to wearing a dress and not running wear)

Pictures seen here
  • (Anonymous)
    So sad I missed everything :( Congrats on your shoe! Very well-deserved! Miss you!
  • golden shoes...


    just one more golden shoe and you can be like that really annoying guy from the olympics... what was his name again?

    (Michael Johnson. I had to look it up.)
    • Re: golden shoes...

      beat me to it! My golden shoe is much cooler though...it's not one to wear however...seeing that it's like a men's size 11:-)
    • Re: golden shoes...

      I remember watching Michael Johnson throw his golden shoes into the crowd after he used them. I thought, "Are you f***ing kidding me??!!!" Do you know how sharp the spikes on those track shoes are?! He could have seriously hurt someone with those. What an arrogant idiot.
  • congrats to you!! i got a similar award at the flyer awards party earlier this year (i was a "rookie of the year")

    nice pictures!! looked like a good time.
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