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Bridges Runner

Day 2 begins

Day 2 begins

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So today I decided enough of a long walk freezing my face off! I did what my legs want to do anyway...ran to work. I left my work pants here last night, threw in a sweater and change of underwear in a small bag along with my wallet, keys, small amount of toiletries. I threw the bag on my back and just started to run to my heart's content. I ran west and headed counterclockwise around the park to head down to the entrance by the Plaza. From there I dodged the flock of pedestrians...and literally ran down Fifth Avenue. I passed several other runners and we just laughed at each other. I love this town...when life deals us lemons we just make sweet tea!

I hope this ends soon...my legs are going to get tired! Not to mention now I'm not going to speed tonight...I think the 6-7 miles of running to/from work should suffice. I have a lot of anger to fuel out regarding this union spat but that's for once I get my collective thoughts together...

UPDATE: Planning on heading to speed...show my dedication. Certain people were smearing my name...;)
  • i walked the 70 blocks in about an hour today...wasnt as bad as i thought it would be (my mp3 player kept me somewhat sane!) but not something i want to make a habit of...
    • You may have to get used to it. *sigh*

      ::ties up running shoes::
      (ok maybe not quite yet)
  • (Anonymous)
    Well done! If I didn't have a ride, I might try to attempt my own version of a Brooklyn Half-Marathon! (Quarter-Marathon?)
    - Phil
  • Way to go! Hope the strike gets resolved soon.
  • I wish I could run to work. Alas, it's ~85 miles... :)
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