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Day 3...a breakthrough do I hear?

So alas...I wake up and repeat. Except today I walked to work. I figure the 11+ miles of running yesterday should suffice. I've already put in about 30 miles this week...sheesh! I ended up doing speeeeeed last night after all. We did a track workout up on the small track on the west side of the park on the UWS.

My splits (other laps were recovery)..about .21 per lap (approx 5 laps to a mile):
lap 1 - 1:25 (6:45/mi)
lap 3 - 1:24 (6:40/mi)
lap 5 - 1:23 (6:35/mi)
lap 7 - 1:24 (6:40/mi)

I stopped after 4 since I logged a whole lot of mileage during the day. Feels good to be starting to get some leg speed back. Watch out 2006!

I was so tired when I got home around 9...all I could muster was a couple bowls of cereal and peanut butter.

Anyway an update...state mediator had a press conference and apparently both sides are back at the table! The strike may be nearing an end!

UPDATE UPDATE: THE STRIKE IS OVER!!! MASS TRANSIT WILL BE BACK TOMORROW!! YIPPEE! And Gawker has a funny spin on who should play Roger Touissaint in a movie.
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