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Bridges Runner

A very festivus weekend

A very festivus weekend

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So holy macro...it's Christmas again. Wow.

Anyway, I'm doing a little bit of all cultures this weekend...
Tonight: Christmas dinner with Sempre Libera, her sister, and dad
Tomorrow: Chinese food and a movie with the Jewish clan (oh and most definitely lighting the candles for night #1!)
Monday: Brewmas dinner (British friend celebrates Boxing day with a culture clash of Christmas and Hannukah)

Most excellent...no?

Merry Christmas and  Happy Hannukah to all!  In the days to come, look for a recap of the year and what's to come in 2006...because if it's supposed to be better, 2006 is going to absolutely rock!
  • (Anonymous)
    Mmm, chinese food...

    What movie are you seeing tonight? I saw "King Kong" last night. Fantastic!

    - Phil
  • my family may actually break from tradition...either do homemade latkes or go out for Japanese food (not that many decent chinese places near them)

    But still lighting the candles-we'll see if my dad chooses Yankee or Jets colors :)

    Happy Hanukkah!! hope Hanukkah Harry is good to you this year ;)
  • chinese food

    i didn't realize the chinese food was a thing until I saw this link.

    Happy Chanukah!
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