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"Get off your butt and be more social in 2005"

That, my friends, was one of my "resolutions" for 2005. I put that in quotations because I hate that word...I actually don't believe in them. However, as I look back on 2005, I did take care of one thing that I wanted to do. I picked up one of those cheesy postcards in a restaurant last year that had that phrase plastered on it. For me, I moved to NYC back in May 2003 knowing not a single sole. Scary. Last year put me about a year and a half in NYC but I still didn't feel like I was "here." I felt like something was missing...like I hadn't found my place in NYC.

I took this card with the silly phrase and put it up on my wall. Yes, cheesy but I wanted it to be a reminder to me everytime I said "nah I'll just stay in" to just do it. And you know something...it worked. This year has brought about a new me. I've met people that make me feel like I've known them my whole life, not mere months. They know who they are and to them: thanks and here's to you for making my 2005 the best yet.

Running wise I have accomplished a great amount this year. I've come a long way in just a couple years. Back in early '04, I had dreams of a marathon and just being able to run a marathon. I had no concept of what the sport of running was and that there is definitely a lot more to it than a marathon! 2005 brought along 18 races I believe, and with that the establishment of personal records/bests. I also gained an ability to pace like nobody's business. Hence, call me the pacemaster.

The first half of the year brought PRs and speedwork. The second half was all about the marathon. And I mean...all about the marathon.

2005 definitely accomplished a lot of goals for me. I eclipsed the 4 hour mark for a marathon and then some...just 5 minutes shy of Boston! 2008...I'll be there. I became faster. I'm not afraid of having confidence and heck I've even started to gain a little swagger...it's all part of the fun. I took part in a 200 mile relay, PR'd in the second half of a marathon, and felt like I was going to die during a 10K. All part of experience I guess.

As you can see, I ran a lot this year. The top number indicates 2005 month totals and bottom, 2004. The summer months are deceiving as I cross trained a lot more this year. This is what one does when bored to tears at work.

2006? It's going to be different. For one, I am not running a marathon. You hear me? I AM NOT RUNNING A MARATHON! So don't ask me...and don't tell me to because I'm not:) Anyway, here's what I'm feeling on '06:

  • Participate in my first triathlon

  • Speed, speed, speed - Enough pace, let's push the envelope more

  • Hood to Coast...aww yeah!

  • PR for the mile...no marathon to worry about, no problem

  • Learn more on how to race, not just run a race

  • Continue to enjoy running...it's not all about times

  • I've got a feeling 2006 is going to bring a speedier me...
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