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Unruly neighbor

I know no one likes to hear bitch rants....but you know what. I'm allowed...it's my journal....muahhha So anyway here's the scoop. By now most of you know about my neighbor that likes to listen to Earthquakes apparently...basically bass. There's no music...just bass. Which gets quite annoying. Anyway, I've only reported him 3x and have asked him to turn it down 5 or so times.

However, this past week I receive a "noise violation" in the mail dated January 22. This would mean the noise would have been from last weekend when I had the cold/flu/bronchitis (by the way I got my drugs to contain it finally!!!). I called our realtor to complain about the fact that it was not us since I was sick as a dog all weekend....and probably would have had severe means for someone being terribly loud (well not those exact words). Apparently, this apartment has been reported several times and this latest time by some girl. Could it be that my annoying neighbor probably has escaped punishment and we've been reported instead of him? I put my bets on that. Whats weird is I've never had anyone knock and ask us to please turn it down. If someone did that, problems solved. I'm not gonna deny them peace and quiet if they want it...especially since it is a study floor. I guess I just have a problem with snitching if you don't' at least tell the person that they are being a nuisance. If I'm a nuisance, then tell me. I'll try not be:-) Hopefully this will be the end of it...I plan to keep it on the down low...at least for the semester. Well that's the rant for the day! Thanks for your attention and if not...why did you read it silly;P

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