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Bridges Runner

On the upswing...

On the upswing...

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Boy how 24 hours can bring a 180! I feel so much better today....for one I actually have an appetite and want to eat. And for me not to want to eat...you know I must be sick! Anyway, all things look like a go to head back to work tomorrow...so at least it won't be too terrible seeing that there is only one day (there better be...no weekend!). Now this would be my kind of week if I didn't have that whole nasty sickness in between. I'm hoping that the rest and break from work will refuel my fire for the job and get me back in a jive...I just was feeling overwhelmed.

So right now I'm in DT/UT using wireless because if I was in my apartment for one more minute I was going to go crazy. Talk about cabin fever.

Anyway, this just in...men really are evil (haha...take with a grain of salt):

So tomorrow night is our team dinner and then Saturday morning shall be my triumphant return to running. If you can believe it, I haven't run for an entire week! Now this should be interesting...I don't think I've gone a FULL week without running since....anyone want to take a guess at that one?

Well that's all from here...things are on the upswing....so I think I'll do my little *i'm not sick anymore* dance.

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  • Ha! That's how I know I'm sick, too...when I don't want to eat! I *always* want to eat!!!

    Yay for no more sickness!

  • Hooray! Welcome back to the world of the healthy.
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