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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Uptown Girl! Uptown Girl, my livejournal, turns 4 today.  It's survived a lot in four years.  Four years, a full Presidential term...though I use that term loosely;-) 570 entries, well 571 counting this one...665 people have dared to comment.  It's gone through the ups and downs of what is called my life...a name change or two.  It's seen the fun and games of college life to the life of a 20 something in New York City.  My ramblings have gone from finding an internship to a full time job to moving to New York. From dancing in THON 2002 to running a marathon (or two!) to throwing people in my judo class.  Not to mention my fortunes of the best roomie in the world in college to the horrors of finding roommates in NYC.  We've endured one Bush term, witnessed the end of the Boston Red Sox curse, a blackout, transit strike, the return of Penn State football...and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Definitely a lot of change from being that junior at Penn State...for better? I think so but I guess you, my readership, can also judge that. Amazing...I've never been so diligent to keeping a record of something...oh the days of digitalization.

Oh but there were times that Uptown Girl almost died. It's gone through spurts where it most likely felt abandoned as I just was unmotivated to write.  However, I always seemed to come back at some point and talk about anything that came to mind. And I think it was for the better... 

But we march on into 2006 alive and well...ready for a second term.   So where does Uptown Girl go from here? I don't know...I guess you'll have to continue to read to find out....and for me just live life. 

Happy Birthday, Uptown Girl....here's to more thoughts to share in the days, months and years to come.
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