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Depressed? Blame it on Science!

Apparently yesterday was the most depressing day of the year. Why someone actually reseached this is bad enough...but they actually have a formula??? Oiiiii vey. Good news, I made it through the day...work, dodgeball, 5 mile run, and baking cookies (even though I'm loopy and forgot the cookies for the potluck today at work:p)!

So I've been getting my feet back under me....literally. I think I'm back though seeing that I ran the lower 5.1432 (i'm an engineer...it's a habit) in 43 and change last night. Speed tonight. Hooray. It's good to be back!

And the biggest news of all...we have a relay team for February 18th's Cherry Tree 10 Mile Relay. Last year it was Team Whippet but this year it is me, Sempre Libera and our newest member, AB. Ha...I know the team is a shock to most of you...but contain yourselves:p Sempre Libera will anchor our team as with her new shoes she should fly around the course. Our team name: The Speedy Beagles. Yes, you should see irony in that. So watch out for us...
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