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Bridges Runner

At least I can still post...

At least I can still post...

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So as if work hadn't gotten out of control as it is...I now pretty much have
ZERO access to websites. I've already had to complain about not having
access to websites necessary to complete my work. *sigh*

So anyway, just testing this email thing out....I'm off to study a bit
more...then sleep. More later...
  • Heh, heh...I work at a school, so of course access to some sites are restricted. Sometimes I forget though, and click on a link that ends up going to something sponsored by match.com or something like that, and I get the black screen of doom...a big black screen with the words restricted plastered across the screen in red. It is enough to wonder if you are going to get a knock on your door in a few minutes and get taken away!
    • Fortunately I don't have a big restricted sign across the screen...just an annoying screen that laughs at me for thinking I can access any website.
  • (Anonymous)
    I know -- I suffer the same bouts of web-denials.

    I have no personal e-mail, so I live on my friend's blogs to keep me sufficiently entertained ;)

    How's the tri-training going?

    • I don't even have access to blogs:( Ahhhh!!!

      Tri training...
      Running...going very well
      biking...stationary bike count?
      swimming...umm once?

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