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Bridges Runner

Chalk another one off...

Chalk another one off...

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New York City
Well looks like there will be no more runs to Grilled Cheese NYC...as they are forced out due to a rent hike. Boy does this sound like a broken record already:( From their website it seems that they may try to relocate but we'll see I guess.

I'm sad. We only got in one run down to Grilled Cheese and it was fantastic!
  • OMG! This place sounds like heaven! I hope they do relocate...to DC!
  • (Anonymous)
    Oh no! This is terribly upsetting. :-(

    Incidentally, why on earth are you posting at 6am?!
    • (Anonymous)
      Oops, forgot to sign my comment.

      -Sempre Libera
  • (Anonymous)
    No way!! :(
    • (Anonymous)
      haha! In my misery I also forgot to sign the comment :)
  • What is that icon supposed to be? A goat?!?
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